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Triumphant Publications is a non-profit organization designed to make available Christian literature consistent with biblical Christianity.

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Summary Statement of Course, Kingdom, Church, and Eschatology:

This seminar was conducted from January 4-8, 2010 as credit for ministerial students in Christ Theological Seminary, which is associated with the Reformed Presbyterian Church in the United States- RPCUS.  Anyone interested in the subject were permitted to attend the lectures for free.

Pastor John M. Otis was the instructor.  The seminar spans some 28 hours of lectures.  The course was designed to give exegetical proof for the postmillennial view of Eschatology.  The church is not seen as some parenthesis in biblical history, but having existence since the creation of man.  In contrast to Dispensationalism, there are not two distinct peoples in God’s plan, but only one people, the church.  The Church of Jesus Christ is the spiritual seed of Abraham, who possesses all the promises of the Abrahamic Covenant.  They do not belong exclusively to national Israel as Dispensationalism insists.  The kingdom of God is not something that comes after Christ’s physical Second Coming.  The kingdom of God is internal, and is associated with the millennium.  The millennium is not after the Second Coming; it is before.  We are presently in the millennium, and the church is the divinely appointed agent that the reigning King Jesus uses to fulfill His mediatorial reign on earth.  Jesus is presently reigning!  We are presently in the millennial age. There will be victory in history of the gospel before the Second Coming.  The Great Commission will be fulfilled.  The Second Coming, the bodily resurrection, and the Last Day of Judgment are coterminous events, meaning they occur together, not separated by a millennium. 

One of the strengths of this seminar is the careful examination of many Old and New Testament passages that prove the above points.

It is highly recommended for viewers of the video to obtain Pastor Otis’ 180 page study guide (his lecture notes) titled Kingdom, Church, and Eschatology. 


John Otis' Lecture Series on the Kingdom, Church and Eschatology

Reviews and Comments welcome

Video 1:  Postmillennial Eschatology:  The Church Is On the Winning Side In History

This was exclusively a preaching session emphasizing the major tenet of Postmillennialism.  This is the eschatology of victory.  This session set the stage for the week long module consisting of 27 lectures.  In this first session, there is an emphasis on preaching and the victory of the Gospel.  One’s present worldview does impact one’s future activity.  We are on the winning side in history because Jesus has all the power.  The Great Commission will be fulfilled prior to His Second Coming.

Video 2:  Postmillennial Eschatology and Covenant Theology – Part 1

This session discusses the relationship of Covenant Theology to Eschatology.  The covenant of works is briefly discussed, and then an introduction to the covenant of grace demonstrates that this covenant spans both the Old and New Testaments.  The Old looks to a coming Messiah, while the New looks back to the Messiah who has come.  The Adamic covenant introduces the historical war between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent.

Video 3:  Postmillennial Eschatology and Covenant Theology – Part 2

This session discusses the Noahic, Abrahamic, and Mosaic covenants of the covenant of grace.  These show how the seed of the woman, the church, will be victorious during these particular eras of human history.  Much emphasis is placed on the significance of the Abrahamic covenant where Abraham’s seed will be as numerous as the stars and how the promise of victory for that seed ties into the new covenant.

Video 4:  Postmillennial Eschatology and Covenant Theology – Part 3

This session discusses briefly the Davidic Covenant of the covenant of grace with its significance upon a coming king who will have an everlasting kingdom.  There is a brief discussion of the overall thrust of the New Covenant.  Finally, there is an introduction to a section on hermeneutics (principles of biblical interpretation) and its relationship to eschatology.

Video 5:  The Relationship of Hermeneutics to Eschatology

This session resumes a discussion on the relationship between hermeneutics (principles of Biblical interpretation) and eschatology.  Emphasis is upon the inadequacies of a Dispensational Premillennial perspective in interpreting the Bible.

Video 6:  Who Is the True Israel? Who Is the True Jew?  Part 1

This session begins to discuss the following critical topics to eschatology:  Who is the true Israel?  Who is the real Jew?  In this lecture, Pastor Otis, gives the exegetical basis for rejecting the Dispensational Premillennial idea that God has two distinct peoples in history, the Jews and the church.  In refutation of this, he shows how the church of the New Testament is the true Israel of God and that the church is the true seed of Abraham.

Video 7:  Who Is the True Israel? Who Is the True Jew?  Part 2

This session resumes the critical point that the church of the New Testament is the true Israel God to whom belong all the spiritual promises of the Abrahamic covenant .  Many New Testament passages are carefully studied, demonstrating that the church is the true possessor of all of the Abrahamic promises and that National Israel is not the sole possessor; in fact, it cannot be.  This truth is devastating to the Dispensational major thesis that God has two distinct peoples in history.

Video 8:  Who Is the True Israel? Who Is the True Jew?  Part 3

This session continues the all important topic:  Who is the true Israel?  The New Testament church is definitively the new Israel of God.

Video 9:  What Is the Kingdom of God?  Part 1 (Davidic Kingdom and Jesus’ Messianic Reign

This session begins to discuss the subject:  What is the Kingdom of God?  It deals with how Old Testament prophesy reveals the nature of the kingdom of God.  We begin to look closely at the Davidic Covenant, for understanding this covenant is essential in understanding the overall nature of God’s Kingdom.  Particular emphasis is upon the promises of the Davidic Covenant.  Particular attention is given to Acts 2 where Jesus fulfills the Davidic promises at His resurrection and ascension.

Video 10: What Is the Kingdom of God?  Part 2 (Promises of the Davidic Kingdom)

This session resumes a study of the Kingdom of God with an elaboration upon the promises of the Davidic covenant.  Key passages such as Psalm 2, Psalm 110, Genesis 49:8-10, and Acts 2 emphasize the nature of the kingdom as it pertains to the Messiah.  It is at Jesus’ resurrection and ascension that the promised blessings of David are instituted.

Video 11:  What Is the Kingdom of God?  Part 3 (When Does the Millennium Begin?)

This session resumes discussion pertaining to the nature of the kingdom of God.  The all important questions of when does the millennium begin and where is the throne of David located are addressed.  The biblical answers are devastating to the Dispensational Premillennial scheme.  Several Old Testament passages are examined such as Zechariah 6, Daniel 7, and Isaiah 2.  Then several New Testament passages are addressed that demonstrate the church as the focus of the Davidic promises.

Video 12:  What Is the Kingdom of God?  Part 4 (Spiritual Nature of the Kingdom)

This session resumes continual discussion of the nature of God’s kingdom.  Pivotal passages as Acts 15:13-17 demonstrate that the kingdom promises pertain to the church, not some future period after Christ’s Second Coming.  This means that Jesus is presently reigning, that we are presently in the millennium.  Emphasis is placed on what Jesus said about the nature of the kingdom in the Gospel accounts.  The kingdom of God is internal in many respects.  It is a spiritual kingdom, operating right now.

Video 13:  Understanding Jesus’ Kingdom Parables

This session concludes discussion on the nature of God’s kingdom.  Daniel 2’s prophecy is discussed and the expansion of the kingdom through various kingdom parables by Jesus is addressed.

Video 14:  Great Errors in Dispensational Eschatology – Part 1

This session discusses errors in Dispensational Premillennial eschatology.  In this session, six of eight major errors of this system are addressed.  Direct quotes from leading Dispensational writers are given, and then the fallacy of this thinking is exposed.

Video 15:  Great Errors in Dispensational Eschatology – Part 2
Introduction to Daniel’s 70 week Prophecy- Part 1

This session finishes discussion on the errors of Dispensational Premillennial theology.  There is the beginning of discussion of the great passage in Daniel 9:24-27 as it relates to the first advent of Christ, not the Second Coming.

Video 16:  Daniel’s 70 week Prophecy- Part 2

This session resumes discussion of Daniel 9:24-27 with a detailed look at the six things accomplished during the 70 week prophecy or 490 years.  The major point is that Daniel’s Seventy Week prophecy is not about the Second Coming of Christ but His first advent.

Video 17:  Understanding Matthew 24 – Part 1

This session finishes a discussion on Daniel 9:24-27, and a careful study of Matthew 24 is begun, verse by verse.  Emphasis is put on the fact that everything up to verse 34 pertains to events leading up to the fall of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. The signs of Matthew 24 are not of the Second Coming of Christ, but of events leading up to the disaster of 70 A.D.

Video 18: Understanding Matthew 24 – Part 2 (Josephus Account of Jerusalem’s Fall)

This session discusses the actual fall of Jerusalem as witnessed by and told by the Jewish historian, Josephus.  His depiction demonstrates why this is the tribulation that Jesus was referring to in Matthew 24.

Video 19:  Understanding Matthew 24 – Part 3 (Understanding “Coming in the clouds”)

This session continues an exegesis of Matthew 24.  Emphasis is placed upon how the Old Testament uses the phrase, “Coming in the clouds.”  It many places it refers to God coming in judgment upon rebellious nations.  Jesus prophesied before Caiaphas, the high priest, during his arrest that He would come in great power and that they would see Him sitting at the right hand of power.  Jesus is alluding to His coming in judgment upon apostate Israel in 70 A.D.

Video 20:  Understanding Matthew 24 – Part 4 (Portion pertaining to the Second Coming)

This session resumes an exegesis of Matthew 24 starting with Matt. 24:31.  Then there is an emphasis upon the second major section of Matt. 24 beginning in v.35 that does pertain to the Second Coming of Christ at the end of the world.  Date setting of this Second Coming is forbidden, and discussion is on those historically who have and still are making this mistake.  Edgar Whisnant’s foolish book, “88 Reasons Why the Rapture will be in 1988” is examined.

Video 21:  Who Is the Beast of Revelation? – Part 1

This session discuss the very popular topic:  Who is the Beast of Revelation?  Who is the antichrist?  This area is one of the most misunderstood topics in the Bible.  The Dispensational Premillennial views are sensationally wrong in almost every respect.  This section advocates what is termed as a “partial preterist” approach to the book of Revelation.

Video 22:  Who Is the Beast of Revelation? – Part 2 and Who Is Antichrist?

This session resumes the study with regard to the Beast of Revelation and the meaning of “antichrist.”  We learn that the infamous number “666” does reveal a person, but it is not what many are taught today.  We look at who the two beasts are in the book of Revelation, who or what is “antichrist,” and who the “man of lawlessness” is in I Thessalonians 2.

Video 23: Understanding Revelation 20 – Part 1 (Nature of the Millennium)

This session begins a careful exegesis of Revelation 20.  An understanding of Revelation 20 is one of the most crucial areas in all of Eschatology.  What is the nature of the millennium?  When does it start?  When was Satan bound?

Video 24:  Understanding Revelation 20 – Part 2 (The Binding of Satan)

This session resumes the biblical meaning of Revelation 20 and the nature of the millennium.  Emphasis is upon how Jesus binds Satan during the millennial age.  The kingdom of God began with Jesus’ ministry in a special way.  The millennium is proven biblically to be before the physical Second Coming of Christ.  The holy city Jerusalem in Revelation 21 is described.  Proof is given of only one physical resurrection, not two or more.

Video 25:  Understanding Revelation 20 – Part 3 (The Church in the Millennium)

This session resumes biblical proof of a spiritual resurrection and a physical resurrection, which is what Revelation 20 conveys.  The saints, Christians, are presently reigning with Christ victoriously in the millennium.  Emphasis is put upon the wonderful truth that Christ’s church is invincible and will prevail in history.  The great weapons of spiritual warfare are:  prayer and preaching.

Video 26:  Revelation 19:  Jesus and His Church Smiting the Nations

This session begins with an exegesis of Revelation 19, demonstrating that this is referencing the first advent of Christ, not His Second Coming.  Several Old and New Testament passages are examined that show that the preaching of the church is how Jesus smites the nations with a rod coming out of His mouth.  One of the most important New Testament passages proving the postmillennial perspective is I Corinthians 15:20-28.

Video 27:  Understanding the Resurrection and Last Day of Judgment

This session begins with a discussion on the nature of the bodily resurrection and the last Day of Judgment.  Biblical proof is given that the one bodily resurrection occurs at the same time as the Second Coming and the last Day of Judgment.  An accurate view of the Rapture is set forth as opposed to the false view set forth by Dispensationalists and all other Premillennialists.  II Peter 3 is a crucial passage demonstrating these truths of a simultaneous occurrence of the Second Coming, of the resurrection, and of the last Day of Judgment.

Video 28: Schematic overview of Four Millennial Views:

Dispensational Premillennialism
Historic Premillennialism

This is the final session of the seminar.  General comments are made about the four millennial views held today among evangelical Christians.  Charts are shown that reveal the distinctives of each view.

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