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Triumphant Publications is a non-profit organization designed to make available Christian literature consistent with biblical Christianity.

Pastor Otis is currently working with Reformation Christian Ministries. If you have been blessed by his books, and his videos, we encourage you to consider a donation to enable him to continue with this work. Your generosity will enable future books and videos to be made available, and will aid in Pastor Otis' ministry.

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Who Is the True Israel? Who Is the True Jew?

Part 1

This session begins to discuss the following critical topics to eschatology:  Who is the true Israel?  Who is the real Jew?  In this lecture, Pastor Otis, gives the exegetical basis for rejecting the Dispensational Premillennial idea that God has two distinct peoples in history, the Jews and the church.  In refutation of this, he shows how the church of the New Testament is the true Israel of God and that the church is the true seed of Abraham.


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