Theistic Evolution: A Sinful Compromise

There are two great biblical doctrines that must be defended against the gainsayers – that of Sola Scriptura (Scripture alone) and creation. The Scripture affirms that the heavens declare the glory of God, that by the word of the Lord, the vast heavenly host came into existence, that the creation manifests God’s invisible attributes, eternal power and divine nature, and that man was endowed with great dignity being endowed with God’s very image and made a little lower than God.

For centuries the Christian church generally did not question the Genesis account of creation as being an accurate accounting of God’s creative activity. However, with the rise of Darwinism in the 19th Century, the biblical doctrine of creation came under great attack. How are we to understand the relationship of science to Scripture? Sadly, there are some pastors, organizations, and seminaries that want to re-interpret the Bible in light of the supposed factuality of Darwinism. They argue that the archaic views of the past must yield to the facts of science.

Is evolution a proven fact? Why do men want to capitulate to the findings of modern science? Is science an accurate filter through which we must interpret the Bible? Some today think so. They are called theistic evolutionists who want to wed the theory of evolution with the biblical account of creation. They think the Genesis account was never intended to be taken in the plain meaning of its words. They think there is no problem with maintaining a view that man evolved from lower life forms over millions of years. They think the gospel cannot be threatened by such views.

Pastor Otis examines the basic tenets of Darwinism, demonstrating its absurdity. He analyzes the various views of these theistic evolutionists, showing where they have compromised the precious doctrine of Sola Scriptura and where they are leading the visible church to a dangerous realm where the gospel is jeopardized. Theistic evolutionists are a menace to the Lord’s church and must be silenced.